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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

Great Song

I had two problems
1) I thought the intro was a bit long
2) a little repetitive

Yelltek responds:

yeah yeah, i know that fkn intro is long xD
repetitive? yeah, maybe some :P
haha, anyway thanks for the reivew! :D


Well done. It's a very catchy beat that is great to listen to while either working or gaming. I'm usually not a fan of longer "intros" but I feel you did a great job to keep interest in the beginning. 2:27 is my favorite part ; ) Looking forward to any future work.

Yelltek responds:

nice, thank you very much! :D
and yeah, the intro is alittle long xD


It was a good background song for me failing to write a decent essay. Very nice song! Keep at it!

Yelltek responds:

thanks man! :D


Wow, better than I expected
Very nice piano, and structure of intro!
Well built. Also, I dig your hardstyle kick!

Keep this up man, you're good at it


Yelltek responds:

haha thanks man!
i think ur the only one that likes my kick haha xD
anyway thanks for the reivew! :D

this is great hard style

it is but what i think you did you you ran your mixer a lil low. but great song so i downloaded it =D

Yelltek responds:

yeah yeah, anyway thanks for the reivew! ;D