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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

Driving Me Crazy!

Ok....your song is totally amazing. BUT, that's not why I'm writing.....I need to ask, is this a remix? Because 1:32-2:20 sounds insanely familiar to me. If anybody knows what I might be thinking about....I'd really appreciate the info

two words 'f**king awesome'

i turned this on the radio and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
i hear the 2:30 and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
when i think of this song i JIZZ IN MY PANTS
great work man this was so good

Yelltek responds:

hahaha, thank you very much man! :D

You know

I'm going to review all your songs honestly, and from what I heard is 10 all I can give you. I'm completely stunned, I can't say how much I like this songs, you make hardstyle techno, and that's what I like, your beat is never too much, if you understand what I mean.
And a download

Yelltek responds:

haha lol thanks man :D


I LOVE this song. Probably your best in my opinion. The melody is great, and the gradual tempo change is awesome.

Just an overall great job!

Yelltek responds:

haha thanks man ! :D

Nice song.

This is mp3 quality music. Perfect. It seems to me that it sounds a bit whimsical. I like that though.

Yelltek responds:

haha, thanks man ! :D