Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

Tat was soo goood tat it almost drove me insaane!!

Well, im not exactly sure if i was almost driven insane or not...
cuz the space gnomes are still deliberating after my interstellar psych evaluation.
but i slipped the one with the beady eyes a $20 so it should turn out alright.

Kick a** dude!

Excellent use of SimpleText for the voices, and friggin' hilarious dialogue!


This is why I became a clock

Clock movies

Make me all happy inside. And this one did the very same. Pube Muppet as the bad guy. Hilarious. Good job.

Alright that was pretty good!

You hoped this would change my mind... well... it sort of did - I mean I don't hate clocks anymore - but this is the only like really good entry I've ever seen. The rest are normally terrible.
Overall, this was spectacular - I can't stand the clock voices though - although that would kill the clocks if that happened - other than that... I can't find anything - the jokes we're fantastic... I don't know what to say - it suprised me!