Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

Very nice job

That was a great looking animation. It was very smoothly animated and the cut scenes looked awsome. Keep up the great work.

Lol that rocked

i cant wait until the movie comes out

I actually sang along...

I hadn't heard that "Jump Street" song in AGES!!! Awesome work, man, loved the whole thing!

I love it!

Pube Muppit spoke French? He usually speaks English, I don't know why he spoke French. I think it's the hair, mustache, and the shades that makes him look like he's french. But I saw him in the same way in 21 0'Clock Street the Movie and he didn't speak french that time. That's odd. But anyway, I gave you all 10's because this kicks arse just like the movie of it. And since I'm a fan of Clocks, I gave you all 10's for this, StrangeClock. Hence, I am your fan. Excellent work. I compliment your work. (^_^)

Remember me?

This is my first comment on NG. If it wasn't for you, RupeeClock, CrustClock and LeekClock I'd still be on Youtube and well waiting for something to happen, but now I'm an NG member this is probably the best movie you've made so far.