Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

I love it!

Pube Muppit spoke French? He usually speaks English, I don't know why he spoke French. I think it's the hair, mustache, and the shades that makes him look like he's french. But I saw him in the same way in 21 0'Clock Street the Movie and he didn't speak french that time. That's odd. But anyway, I gave you all 10's because this kicks arse just like the movie of it. And since I'm a fan of Clocks, I gave you all 10's for this, StrangeClock. Hence, I am your fan. Excellent work. I compliment your work. (^_^)


Haha this was cool, i have not seen a good clock flash with great art like this in some time, loved seeing very wellmade clocks, and the voices with subtitles is always a plus hehe, and this was not a 10 second short which is another plus, so notbad at all, so great work indeed, hope to see more of your work soon...


i hate that song!!! >_<

everything was so PERFECT! until you put that god damned song Go West in there! I fucking hate that song! >_< awesome flash though! 5iven'D

That was not a piece of shit establishment.


"Lets goin there and fuck them up"

I love this and the inclusion of pube muppit was strange too. Could you edit the theme so it say's "o'clock" instead of jump and do it in the clock voice.

StrangeClock responds:

I don't think so, Tim