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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2"

Not bad, but nothing extraordinary...

But how the hell am I supposed to know Aragorn's age??? :P

very good game

Thanks for this game, WWTBAM is my favourite quiz. This is bit of better then first version, there was unlimited lifelines.


The questions were not hard. Anyone who read the books and saw the movies should know them. It must not have taken too long to collect the information for your questions (except for the one about Aragorn's age. that was tuff.)

Creating a character was a change from vol. 1... sure... but it dosn't do anything. it's just something to kill time.

Overall: The best part was the upcoming movie trailer for the western thing. I love old John Wayne and Robert Mitchum movies so it tagged my interest. Can't wait to see that one.

One time playing only.

Well, the 'game' is all right, but it is hugely marred by the fact that the questions don't change. If you had a random or pseudo-random allotment of questions, you'd get a much better score from me and I'd think the game would be much more playable. As it stands it's fun the first time through...and then after that you don't want to play it again.

good but not great

but it could be, it needs harder questions, and it neds to lose it;s creat a character thing, thats pointless really, i may be able to help out with some new questions, if you'd like.