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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2"

Good Good

I will make this review count for both games (1 + 2)

Bar a few typos - no one's pointed out Boromir (not Borimir) it was really good.
I wasn't overly impressed by the first one's questions - I've got no CLUE about actors unless ur talking about Hugo Weaving. Also i think you should make the questions more accurate to either the book or film, and explicidly state which one, it has caused debate.

Very original - now all you have to do (please) is make one that has more questions (and random) and it will be good!

Or make one like of the Einstein Factor (Aust TV) where you have 45 (make it 60) seconds to answer correctly as many LOTR questions as you can! that would be sweet.

LAst but not least (a mere annoyance) in the second get rid of the build a character (it did nothing for the game) and change the loading screen - after it came up with your alias, i could see how long to wait - this irritated me

Once again - great game

Overall i liked it

But some things were kinda shotty
P.S. the elvish word for friend is 'Maloch', not Mellon, read the books, or even the subtitles.

Corey responds:

actually, Fiend is mellon. Know what you're talking about before you say anything.

Good But Not Great

It is a good game. But I have a few points I'd like to bring to your attention. First of all, at Helms Deep. The elves did not show up. It was just the humans of Rohan, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. So Haldir couldn't have died.

Also, when Frodo first looks in the mirror, he sees himself. Then he sees everyone else.

The fact that you based this off of the movie and not the book saddens me. But otherwise a great game. Good Job

Corey responds:

I made it based on the movies because I haven't read all the books, and also because more people are familiar with the movies.

It's not the greatest...

but it's fun for any lord of the rings fan!

*long pause*

It's good, but you should probably make the last question a little harder. The second-to-last question was probably the hardest.