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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2"


i liked it and hope to see more


WoW thanks, you listened to my suggestion to let players customize a character before playing =) Only, you can't actually see the pants while playing?

Again you should consider randomizing the questions from a possible pool of questions instead of presenting the same ones each time.


This one was quite brutal!!! I even pulled out the DVD's to check an answer or two! Again, great questions and the create-a-character addition was super nifty and innovative. : ) There was only ONE sorta-problem with one of the questions: In the book at Helm's Deep, NO ONE dies. . .well, none of the people that you listed anyways. The elves don't even show up to help Rohan in the fight-however I am under the impression that this game is based on the movies, which more people are familar with. Impressive job, keep 'em coming!! : D

purdy good

except try to put a randomizer so it would become extra hard. Its easy to beat it so try to make it a little harder.

i liked it

yeah i liked this quiz, as the first, just i hate the question "Who died at Helm's Deep?" Haldir only died in the film, he probally never even saw it in the book. Otherwise, good work!