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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2"

yah yah its fantastic but...

i found a glitch in ur mario game that u may or may not be aware of. directly right of the lighthouse is an invisible platform...just telling u...oh yeah great game too

Corey responds:

oh yeah... you're right.


Ok Breakdown of the scores:

Graphics : Excellent Grapics, though they could do with a bit of work
Sound : Good quality, but it does get annoying after a while. Maybe include a mute button?
Intereactivity : Excellent. Plenty, especially with the character design.
Style : COmpletely Unique(apart form the first one) method of combining two familiar icons.
Violence : Absolutely none, so nothing to vote on.
Humour : Love the Gloin joke (check the spelling), but not too much, and it wasn't all great.
Overall : A great concept, with excellent graphics, audio, and programming. However, there are some glitches at the end (when you achieve millionaire/LOTR geek status): It shows a copy of the mouse pointer, aswell as hiding it, and the character wasn't what i specified at the begining.
However, its still great.

p.s. I might make an observation : Try experimenting with randomizng the answer placement, as i found it fairly easy to build up a recognized pattern after a few attempts. And if possible, even try randomizng the order of the questions, ie, one time the theme checkpoint might be the first one, but the next, it might be the the second one.

Harder than the last but...

I actualy had to use a life line this time! I didnt know how old aragorn was! and the million dollar question sucked btw.

I'm a millionaire!

That was great, I loved the first one and this one.

@Godkevin - I really hope you're joking, because "mellon" is the elvish word for friend, the password to get into Moria. Find it in any elvish dictionary.

Loved it

U could make all the choices and the 'Go' icons into buttons for easier clicking... Part 2 was certainly much tougher than the 1st one u made. But it was still all that great. Kudos to LOTR...really misses the whole series. Simply in love with the music. Thanks for sharing this game. :)