Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

try this.....

i made a man in a hockey mask with 2 bleeding and poppin out eyes , a devil tail,a pink dress,suit,nails and mix them all together and that = my horrifying freak of nature

Great one!

None for sound or violence as there was none at all in it.
A funny idea: Both horns, blue body suit and hockey mask: Satanic murderer looking baby!

Edmund This Rox!

This gmae rocks. Its every bit as good as all ur games. Oh, and if any1 gives this 8 or lower for a review THEIR GAY!


like number 4, this is amazing, i dunno how that other dude gave it a 2 hes a tw@t! dead babie dressup ROCKS!


well, at least it didnt look like a dead baby