Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

eye luv dead babies

This is sooo much fun! I've been dressing the baby for hours!!! Demented fun!


I'm impresed by your work keep it up man!!!


that is hilarious! and so horrible at the same time, ahahahahahahah

Wicked and fun

Ive never played any of the other db dressups but this one was quite good, lots of choices keeps things interesting and the graphics are fresh and well drawn. If i had to be picky maybe you could organize things a little better now that your dealing with so many things, it starts to get a little too crammed and crowded sifting through all those objects, maybe you could split it up into bins with categories so that upon clicking it the assortment would change according to the category you chose from.. (ex. legs bin, arms bin,etc) speakin of arms coulda used a couple more arms to play around with. Overall good job.

Best dress up!!!

I though it would suck like all the other dress ups, but I really got into it. Good Job!!!