Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

whats up with the hairy panocha?

The game was awesome!I liked it yo....!-Don

Good graphix!

I made the ultimate guy but i cant enter him on the contest cuz i deleted my art programs....oh well this is a good game you should try


i liked it. sure it waz kinda freaky but who carez. all of thoze annoyin son of a bitchez who have a problem wit it should make their own fuckin game and get their headz out of your ass. juss shake dem hataz off


dead baby bashing is cool :unsure:

This women is highly pregnant and her baby is coming she rushes to the doctor and they go to intensive care. now the baby was a real tough one cuz he wouldnt come out. after a labor session of 24h the baby finally came out and the doctor slams the baby with his head into the corner of the table. the women goes hysterical and yells omfg you killed my baby !! Then the doctor started laughing and said . HAHAHA !!!FOOLED YA HE WAS ALREADY DEAD !!!!


I love these games!