Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

As much as they disturb me...

these baby corpses are fun to dress up in little outfits. Because dead baby jokes never get old. And being a Jason Voorhees rabid fangirl, the mask is just precious! Had to add the bloody nails, though, to make my baby more Jason-ish. Disgusting but somehow cute.

(I only give super high ratings to adventure games though :P)


the baby am i drees it up not beautuful but i like it because it is soo funny

You would've loved mine.

I called her Miss Mime.
But then I switched games, and at the last minute I saw you had a contest. BUT I forgot whta I used on her, so there you go. v.v


entertaning but weird


i told you already be considerat! (its in my coment for # 2