Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup 3"

i love the game but it wonders me if like how do the younger kids get it why rated E? ya know if your gonna rate it E there should be no blood or nudity there can be little kids on here im Just saying how could kids under at least 13 understand this content and with in those years when there older they can think to them self oh i can dress like this oh and this is how i dressed up my doll mermaid tail and green eyes not the violent ones that is what the kids should see and i don't mean to be foul but think bout the kids future you don't know what it'll be like for them so Just think bout how they will respond to the game and i mean kids under age of 13 they might not understand but they will in the future and a heads up even the kids parents could see them playing this btw keep up the good work i love the game tough



I wish there were stand up boobs, then ill love it more, i love boobs i also have large ones too!


i can make a smoker from left 4 dead


i made a deman fromhell >:)