Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage DC"

great work!

hehe, a pretty cool movie! all of the animation was pretty good, and the music was really cool aswell.
The comic-like part of the movie was really cool... a very origional idea.
also, the fighting scene was awesome! all of the animation was superb!! it looked so damn good.
heh, too bad for Luigi's torso + head eh? hahahah.
and dang, was it cool when Toad turned all mega and destroyed the moon, hehehe. that was also very cool! way to ednt eh world, eh? well, nice damn work dude... very cool
overall score: 7.5/10

mchawking responds:

lol thank you much bro! The next one isn't so epic (end of the worldage) but it has the best story thus far. If you want me to e-mail you when it comes out just e-mail me at natenation@charter.net

Oh man...

DBZ...evil...once i saw something dbzish i just clicked hte flash off and ended watching it... the story was a bit pointless though too

mchawking responds:

wow based on what you guys say DBZ really sucks..! lol I didn't realize people were haters otherwise I wouldn't have went in that direction.


i thought this flash was ok until the DBZ influence showed up..then it just ruined all the movie...next time get some sound fx and better music cuz it got annoying...

mchawking responds:

Yeah that's just the random DC shit, the normal ones don't pull DBZ style stuff. It was just for fun, sorry you didn't like it. But oh well.. I'm over it :o) Have a good one and thx for the review!


You got good numbers here, only because of the animation. Everything else was garbage. DBZ + Mario does not equal 'teh win.' Voting 1.

mchawking responds:

hahaha it's just the directors cut dude, the normal ones aren't like that so no worries

is a stupid crap

what is this fucking movie? this is only a dragonball version of mario(shit) i are bored all th movie, and, the history is... stupid, i cant say any more, sorry, but i dont like this(i hate this.

mchawking responds:

Well that sucks.... You have to remind yourself that this is shit made by one man (myself) on a budget of $0 (zero dollars) for my own shits and giggles. Nothing worth wasting your hate on..