Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage DC"

I didn't like Luigi anyway

Toad is cool tho


Nice work man this is going to win alot of stuff you know plus be on front page...lol i can see it now tomarrow we will go online this will be on the front page with Today's Feature, and next week it will be under user choice and crew pick.....well thats what it would be if it was up to me man...lol loved it dood.

mchawking responds:

Thanks man! I wish more people were like you!! lol Hopefully part three will kick alot of ass, I've been spending a bunch of time on it.. My dream is frontpage on the portal, that would kick ass!

Trying to be objective

I'm trying to be truly objective here... I've noticed a pattern that I don't like movies that have the words "rage" in it. Anyway, the animation was fairly good, better than most. Gotta love that music, too. I gave it a 3 in style because as I watched it all I could think of was Dragonball Z, such as when Toad started flying and when he transformed. The 7 in violence goes without saying, Luigi got chopped in half... I gave it a 5 in humor because it was pretty funny at some points to watch Toad fight like that... Pretty good, overall, I look forward to episode 3!

I can see why it was toned down

The "cut" part was a little too wierd and sort of out of place with the story. But no matter. It is still good. Keep going if you want to. I think Toad is tough enough to duel with Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.

Holy crap!

My god!! That was awsome as hell! I love that add-on! do a Directors Cut for the second one! I love your work!