Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage DC"


that was awsome but i agree with el satanno on two things: need better sound effects and music and maybe some voices, and two yeah toad really should beat up pikachu or one of those japenese queffs

mchawking responds:

hell yeah pikachu!! He should get an ass whipping! Thank you for the review

Totally over the top

Well, you certainly took things pretty far here. I liked it. Why the hell not, right? I was expecting more out of a "director's cut," but it was still a hoot. Sound effects for one, and maybe something smoother when Toad goes f*ing crazy. Looking forward to the next installment.

Pros: funny, good art

Cons: no sound effects, could have more animation

Suggestions: Definitely get some sounds for the fights, because they need it. Oh, and Toad should beat the hell out of Pikachu next, dude.

mchawking responds:

Yeah The next one should be better, it has alot more humor and stuff in it. If you'd like to stay posted go to my site and enter your e-mail or e-mail me at natenation@charter.net Thanks for the review man, I appreciate it!

its different, but cool

i like it, but its really wierd...and some parts were a little to dragon ball-ish. the whole energy-blast-super-toad-hair-changing thing, thats probably the only thing i didnt like.

mchawking responds:

lol that was kinda the whole directors cut that was added on.. You should get a kick out of the next one

Well that was... odd

Other the the alternate ending it's not much different from the first one. But that didn't stop me from liking it. I can't wait to see Toad fight Yoshi.


i like it.. it is pretty good.. a keeper.. good job