Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage DC"

ooo talk to me write a response weeeee

i liked your movie and im begging for you to put him up against link. the mario and zelda series are made by the same guy its pretty close uh, right?

mchawking responds:

Yeah I want to have him battle with Link in the future... The next episode is Yoshi... I've had alot of requests for Bowser, then maybe a link episode. If you have some ideas feel free to e-mail me at natenation@charter.net

Well.... it wernt great

Its like Mario Brothers meets Dragonball Z. I didnt like the fact that it took so long for one dude to die.... Kinda boring...

Flash animation was alright though

mchawking responds:

It's better than most of the mario crap out there... Not perfect though, the next episode is much better... I assure you. Thanks for the review bro!

Nice Work....

I saw all your Toad's rage movies and i have to say they all are A++!!!

mchawking responds:

Thanks man, it's people like you who keep them coming.. It's great when people enjoy the films! The next one shouldn't disappoint.


that kicked ass! this is one of the more better mario parodies on newgrounds!

mchawking responds:

Thank You! I appreciate your praise, The next full episode is about 75% done so look for it later this week or early next week.

That rocked

Make more plz

mchawking responds:

No Prob I have another one almost done!