Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage DC"

Someone watches to much DBZ

This was like watching DBZ with Mario characters. I stopped liking DBZ when I was 15.


It doesn't explain very well WHY Toad kills Luigi, something about he's unpopular?? Then, why is Toad like half human suddenly? And how does he turn into this beast thing and somehow when he shoots the beam it goes into outerspace, and if you look you can see the beam is also somehow coming from the north pole? And it can somehow split the moon in half? Making the world to be destroyed? Yeah, I think you need to re-think this entire concept...


i liked the mushroom guy turnin' to some monster;that was kool

it was o.k, i guess

It was good, but you could have added more animation to it. Luigi fighting back, maybe>? The action was rather mediocre...sorry to say. It could still be a great series if you give the next targeted-one more of a fighting chance, all great fights are a struggle. I agree with what the say about the simple pictures talking....more animation please...I hope these comments were of use to you.



wtf toad is a short little gay ass mushroom and luigi would own him anyday because his knees are higher then his head....besides my hating for the fucking characters there needs to be more animation not pictures saying stuff,,so i gave it a 0 since i hate the idea