Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"


i honestly could not see nething wrong with that, i mean the loaading was a bit long and i was thinking that i was gunna have to wait for nothing...but damn, it was worth it, great job


this was an incredible piece of work. however i have always wondered how that flashman move never worked for me :(. anywayz great music,sound,animation. capcom would be proud to receive this as a tribute

All I have to say is wow

You did an amazing job with this one. The only quam I had with it seemed to be that megaman had a potbelly. I know he does in the games... but it would have been awesome for him to bulk up during the charge beam or something. Actually he might have done a little, but I would do more. Other than that Everything was perfect. 5 to you my friend for making one of the only good megaman tributes....and not using sprites.

Very Awesome

I enjoyed this flash very much, even though I'm not familiar with any Megaman games. The action was great, the animation astounding, and I see that yoyur comment was very clear: You DID put a lot of blood and sweat into making this flash. Can't wait to see more of your work!


This movie was GRAND.

Congratulations nothing to say! It changes from others 20KB crappy Flashes ;)