Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"


This was also the first MegaMan game I bought, I played countless days until I finally defeat everyone... Your flash made me remember those gloden glorious days and that's pretty fucking awesome.

PS. If you ever decide to make more flashes like this one... I'll be waiting =)


Great work! An instant 5 from me! I haven't seen anything that good... well, since ever! I really hope you make more "Megaman VS" movies like this. Megaman VS Geminiman... how about that? Anyway, congratulations on everything. I really liked the Scene Selection option too. Very thoughtful.

Made it on my favorites list

Great job and portrayl of megaman. Quickman always used to piss me off :). You should make more of these with different characters, PLEASE!!


This is one of the better Megaman tributes I've seen. ^_^ Now I understand the huge loading time.

I really have nothing to say to this, you should know it's a great submission. :-3 I look forward to your future submissions, but in the mean-time...This goes in my favorties. X3



First of all, THE PRELOADER WAS GREAT!!! lol It was a great idea to have the two fight each other at the very beginning. It was great!
Now, for the movie:
The battle was awesome!!! You have used all of the characters' powers perfectly. The enemy robot master's weapons, Quickman's speed, etc. The music, sfx's were awesome in timing!!! The suspense near the end was great!!! You were even clever enough to make Megaman have the weapons he would have had as if he had followed a player's guide! I like that. Too bad Quickman wasn't able to think as fast as he is fast. Overall, it was great! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

P.S. - Megaman was a little bit too fat in the beginning. (I never knew robots could bleed.lol)