Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

Awsome :)

Wow that was pretty cool loved it hehe Pretty cool with the matrix music in there Keep up the good work you should make more of these against diff peps from mega man :) It was very good heh score of 10!

awesopme movie

i love this this should get daily feature and more!

El-Cid responds:

That would be cool!

Nice job.,

I love mega man and i like this flash a lot. It does an excellent job of showing what a modern day mega man movie could be like (they should make one). I like the pretty acurate weapons from mega man 2. Overall an exellent movie.

real good

i thought that was really awesome. good imagination... it almost make you think about what a true megaman battle would be like... my only suggestion would be to extend the character's necks a bit... they looked fred-flintstonish... but a great flash.


That was great. You even captured how damn hard the bosses are by having Megaman have his ass whooped for the majority of the movie. That was great purely great, even if you had him charge the Megabuster in Megaman II. (Sorry, wanted to be a nerd for a second)

At first I thought this was going to be another crappy sprite movie, but it turned out to just be great.