Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

its a sad day indeed when

a robot can breathe air and bleed blood. :D i this was pretty good. you made a very good megaman animation. megaman is a robot on a side note. i'm actually sure you knew that and the flash wouldnt of been as good if you didnt have him bleed. i just felt like beating a dead cause

F***in Awesome

loved it,,, very well made,,, exelent animation,,, mega man is soo cool

I liked it well made

i used to play mega man all the time i think this pays much respect to the idea of the beginings of the classic series it would be cool to see more villians get their asses kicked in the future overall this was one of the better mega man tributes out there at least that i have seen

Very skilled flash

This is a well done flash as i am trying to do flash and it is really hard. The graphics were very good and the fact that it flowed well while watching it was aslos very good. The character designs were very accurate which added to the tribute i would say also.
I look forward to looking at your submissions later on.

I'm writing this review...

after I watched it for the 3rd time!!!!

Yes, definitely up there with 'Rockman Neo'!!!!

El-Cid responds:

TY man!