Reviews for "** \Symphony Of The Demon"


Really great job with that. Very well done. Guitar riffs are always the main thing I listen for when deciding whether any song is good or not, and you kicked ass with this song. Keep up the good work!

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks a lot man ! Yes, I'm also proud of the riff between the two parts :P. Thanks a lot for reviewing bro \m/


dude seriously a freakin sweet song im a singer in a band and ive got to say this is the most BA and the mario thing is sweet too the down side is that there is no creepy background vocals like demons howling that would make it more like a demonic symphony

Sonofkirk responds:

Yeah, no vocals in this piece ... but I added a demonic laughing at the middle to remain the dark side of the song lol. Thanks for the review :)

Well recorded

I think the struggle with most instrumental recording is the ability to sustain quality from the transfer from the tangible instrument to the PC. I was very impressed with the way the guitar not only sounded well recorded but it was also in sync, and was professionally clean (no mistakes). The squeals were nice as well, you obivously know how to play as well as produce good music (especially with it fitting a certain mood.

As a complete song it was really good. It sounded really well equalized and the drumming sounded extremely realistic. The organs definitely started the song off too a fitting mood, which enhanced it's purpose as a song for Halloween. I noticed the "wave" sound you get with the FL plug-ins but I don't think there's any reason that would ruin or make the song any worse.

You're a very good artist and its cool that you can offer Newgrounds your own music as well as interesting covers of others. I've gotta say I'm apposed to most remixes or covers but yours seemed to differ greatly to the original. I liked the way you took it and as you said metalized it, as apposed to just added a dominate base beat (which unfortunately, is what a lot of people call a remix). It's very much like Slipknot's Vermilion bloodstone remix, only the opposite way round, you took a softer song and metalized, Slipknot took Vermilion and mellowed it out big time.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with my opinions, I'm going to check out some more of your music now, you sound like a brilliant artist. Well done on this song, 10/10.


P.S. Not to spoil it for you but, the number of the beast is 616 according to QI :)

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for all the compliments man, I appreciate it a whole lot :D.

I didn't spend a lot of time on this one, but I'm glad you finded it well produced. The "wave" sound is due to the program I used to do the organ [not FL ; )], it was a demo: it's a kinf of restriction. But I will maybe remake this song with a better organ program and a better guitar solo at the end :P.

Yeah, this song is rather a cover than a remix. A lot of people make remix just adding a beat and that's all. A cover is when you take a song and you play it with different instruments, different feeling etc. Nice to see you know what is good music hehe.

Nah, it's cool to hear people's opinion. And thanks a bunch for the great and constructive review :3.

"Six Six Six, the number of the beast" - Iron Maiden : )

Fantastic stuff!

I loved this, I really did. The church organ intro was very good, and led into the main tune really well. The guitar itself was flawless: pure gold, and the drumming kicked ass as well. My favourite parts was 01:15-01:26 and 01:26-02:15. Only thing I didn't like was the fade out, I think it got too quiet too fast, so the last 20 seconds or so were almost silent. Other than that, perfect!

Keep fucking rocking! \m/ (>.<) \m/


Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks a bunch for the review man, much appreciated :D. I will erase this fade out and replace it by a kick ass end hehe.

Thanks again :)

good luck!

omg! love the mario bit thrown in haha! makes me think of bowsers castle haha...good luck in the contest! i li ked it!

Sonofkirk responds:

Lol, yeah the Mario thrown is funny ^^. Thanks for wishing me luck and for the review !