Reviews for "** \Symphony Of The Demon"

5/5 10/10

at 1:24 its the intro of mario's song!!!

Sonofkirk responds:

Lol, someone has already pointed this out ^^. And it's said in my author's comment lol. But, still thanks for the review dude :D

Nice man, respect.

I seemed kinda slow for my taste but I still enjoyed it because its out of the ordinary.

Keep on rollin'

Sonofkirk responds:

The slow tempo was expected to accentuate the Dark and Evil feeling, and I kept the original tempo. Anyway, thanks a lot for the review, I appreciate it.

yo, kick ass!

nice man. nice touch with the devil laughing. sick song

Sonofkirk responds:

Thank you. I had fun adding the demonic laughing, so I'm glad you liked it :)

Kick Ass!!!

Dude! you got to make fucking more of this shit!

Sonofkirk responds:

Haha, yeah I will. Cheers for the kick ass review \m/


awesome man, awesome :D

Sonofkirk responds:

Cheers for the review bro !