Reviews for "** \Symphony Of The Demon"

I'm mad at you. :(

Why didn't you tell me you had a new song man? You usually tell me when you do. :( Oh well, I happened to stop by and see it anyway. Not my favorite type of music because I like the faster music, but still it's very good. Why such the long time at the end where there wasn't any music though?


Sonofkirk responds:

Yeah, I'm also surprised I didn't tell you I uploaded a new shit ... Weird lol. Anyway thanks for the review dude. The end is a fade out, so the music level gets lower and lower, that's why there is no music at the end :P.
Thanks again : )


This is fucking awesome!!! Great job m8! A very worthy submission to the Halloween Contest.


Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks a lot dude ; ). Thanks for creating the Contest :D

Woot... Supreme, mate !

... w00t The Super Mario Bros jingle at 1:26 is priceless. I just loved it, pal. Beside, this one is cool as hell. The Church organs sound pretty well in this one. Dunno how you did them. Thanks for bringing us that shit, HEADBANGER !!


Sonofkirk responds:

I used a demo of a Software and Guitar Pro to write the notes lol. Glad you liked them ^^. And fuckin' congrats noticing the Mario Jingle ! Thanks again Val !:!!

I must promote me in this space~!

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ME LOVED THE FUCK out of this.

1:15 -1:26 wicked. Excellent on the squeals too..
This was awesome. You did a great job blending everything. Keeping the ambiance nice and evil.

Man, you kick so much ass...when are we doing our next collab>?

5/5 10/10

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks a bunch my big dude, it's awesome to read you review :3. I just have to write a new kick ass metal song before to collab with you lol. I will contact you when I'm with a new track : ).

Mucj love \m/


Thank you for including a link to the original. This is a very tasteful remake. You have blended the metal guitar and the pipe organ surprisingly well, giving the song an all around dark, haunting feeling.

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for the kind words dude, I'm glad you liked it : ).