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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


Nice stuff man. Nice, smooth animation, easy on the eyes, and i liked the little bit of interactivity. Keep it up:D

Solid piece

Totally enjoyable,...left me wanting more ff action.

DiaDz responds:

I can assure you that the next episode will have alot more <3

good storyline, yet a bit outfashioned

lol... honestly, I think that if like in your movie there was still BSOD on Windows XP, Apple would rules the computing industry and Microsoft would've filed for bankruptcy!

DiaDz responds:

lol, it's an alternate universe, gimme a break here :P "Winblows XP" ... not "Windows XP" :D

that was good

Lock is better than Clock!!!

That was a nice flash movie

The "Final Fantasy" bit was nice. I wish it was longer. It certainly didn't feel like 5 minutes. It was still pretty good. I've gotten used to the Locks. CommunistLock is my favorite.

I liked the rifle joke. I was confused as to why there wasn't dialogue in the beginning. You know, with the speech text. I keep being reminded of TTA. That still hadn't come out yet.