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Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

disturbed RULES

ok on to something else, robo its the one out please robo needs a chance(as you can see i havent watched any of your videos but dont worry i will this was great) er whats there to say o yeah most of the plays i dont no i played alot of snes games and i cant figure out some of them, but thats ok ill learn them over time. ok and who is bub(please get rid of him cause thats my nickname and it brings a bad name to me) but i dont no what game he is from. if you could can you tell me who most of them are and what game their are from

Hell-Fire responds:

Watch the rest of the series. A character Bio section is added to later episodes. Thanks.


check my favorite list ull like it :P
i love these movies the drama the fantasy the action :P please hold me inform about the sprite survivor -8 :)

Hell-Fire responds:

Yeah, I can't tell anyone about the future. And I do like your fav lists lol.


Just Wow! That's a good movie!

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed.


Isnt that right that strongest on island are Cecil, Cloud and Arc because squall got cut off. Or is he alive or dead forewer?

Hell-Fire responds:

Squall is dead. He got cut into two. Thanks for the review.

Well done, I enjoyed this a lot better than.......

Super Suikoden series, I don't mean that in a bad way I just find this a little better. So , Many people are excited about number 7 huh, yeah I am to, keep it up, and my guess on that mysterious guy on Sprite Survivor 6 is either Link, Ark. or Cecil. Hope I'm right, I guess I just have to find out......

Hell-Fire responds:

Yeah it is a lot better. And the mystery man is not Ark. It is someone who is IN the competition. Thanks