Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

About the fight scenes

This goes for everyone, sence most of the characters are from RPGs, make the fights turn based. This, like many other FF sprite movies, the stroy was good, but the fights are very bland and short.

P.S. Figher ALWAYS LOSES. Let him win once.

Hell-Fire responds:

I dont think turn based and flash mix. And most people like the fight scenes. You should check out the one in the 6th episode.


I'm looking forward to watching them all the way through, hopefully they will improve o_O

GJ nonetheless, somewhat original. And since number 4 is already out, I guess there is no need for me to vote on anything o_O

Hell-Fire responds:

Yeah, well number 6 is out as well. And they do improve. Thanks


i watched your most recent one and liked pretty well so i decided to watch your original one. i only have this to say: your gay jokes are out of date, immature and dumb. maybe you should be less homophobic like the rest of us. the cartoon STYLE, music, characters, etc all good though.

Hell-Fire responds:

yeah well, i know. That was a long time ago and you may have noticed I havnt done it for the last couple episodes. And Im not homophobic in anyway. Thanks for the review.


very good i really liked it. i dont know if i can still vote but i vote bub for ramah. and simone for shiva

Hell-Fire responds:

Nope. Voting ended nearly a year ago lol. Thanks for review.

looks like the start of a great series

never watched survivor before but I guess its not too hard to figure out.

Hell-Fire responds:

cool thanks. I hope you like the rest