Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

Normally I don't like reallity TV...

...but this is pretty good! I like the animation, and the music. Now as far as the voting goes, I think that Bub from Ramah should be kicked off, because of the obvious communication problems. Fighter should be thrown off Shiva tribe because he is just awfull.

Hell-Fire responds:

awful hey. meh. Thanks for voting and reviewing.


thanks man for using my and Bryan's (Xbrav's) music in your submission - it was really kewl - just one thing - we're both from canada, and, uh, being gay is legal here so the gay bashing , wasnt, very, cool... other than that awesome job man keep up the good work! (rosa looked like she had a fro...)

Hell-Fire responds:

cheers for review. I love your music and will probably use more of it. I have nothing against gays. I just wanted to see how people would vote against a gay who did nothing bad in the movie, and it was just as i expected. Anyway thanks

i vote for simone

since he freaks me out.


best thing ever bro i love this series... XD best on newgrounds in my opinion... keep up teh good work

Great series, but sadly...

I dont't know who most of the people are. I've never played final fantasy, crono trigger, bassicly The only people I know are Bub, Mario, Sailor Moon, and I think one more. I THINK the votings over, but I would vote Simone and Ryu .