Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

A new favorite sprite author.

Dude this is the best and of course I already watched all parts and I been wondering when the next part is coming out. No fun I already know what will happen in 1 scene :( oh well.

<looks at Huantheone>

FFF has a new webpage cant remember its name now but he is still alive and breathing. So you check out Final Fighting Fantasy 1 if you wanna know the webpage. Another soul helped.

Peace out!

Hell-Fire responds:

The next one will be out soon. How do you know what will happen in scene 1?

Thanks for the info on SplashKhat. I had no idea his webby moved.

It about SS6...

I just rewatch SS6 recently and i saw SplashKhat, the creator of Final Fighter Fantasy serie in ur special thanks section. I was woundering if u know something about him cause he didnt update 4 a while and some1 steal is site name. Your serie is the best but fff isnt bad too so i would like to know if he still alive!

Hell-Fire responds:

I was in contact with him about a year ago but after that his website crashed and he stopped communicating with me so I don't know what happened to him. However, he did say he will eventually finish his series.

bub rules with an iron fist

the whole series is so cool. the music during fight scenes. the best is the voting system I found this to be freaken grand. Please get more out soon

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks. Yeah the next one is in the making. And Long live the bubster!

best flash series ever!

this flash pwns!!!!
woot power to hell fire!!!

Hell-Fire responds:

w00t P0w3r?

Thanks, thats good to hear.

Awesome movie

Firstly i would like to nominate... nah just kidding. Great movie and i love the plot. Keep it comin. also i would just like to say that the other sprite survivors you made were great

Hell-Fire responds:

Lol. Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it.