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Reviews for "Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 1"


Was Awesome, is Awesome, will be awesome... FOREVER... ... I so wanna top this soooo badly but i got no flash animating programs, no sounds, and only a few sprites of my characters... ... Good thing is though... We all gotta mic... LAWL

Awesome man, great work.

Perfect mix of art and sprites. Good voice acting too.

uhh and cool

to the last guy who revied this his name is O.m.a and hes at Fireball20xl site ad (.com) but its really goos ive seen evry episode all of the right on the spot


crazy,funny,FUZY how did that ball of hair stuffed the dp? in the back ground? say ME HOW?... Wait now I realized sumthing... THE FLASH WUZ HIT-WESOME BECAUSE THE BLACK LENS GUY HITED THE GRAY FUX XD XD XD XD XD IT WUZ GREAT except fo'oraydl shaylailn music.

Freaking awsome!

Cream goes balistic on the Author Space crew and the crew needs to band 2gethor 4 survive! Questions tho, not that i don't like the voice, but why does jen sound like she got a frog in her throat? 2'nd, Wouldn't something as freaking awsome as a Ride Armor need a key or a hand-identifyer thing? Isn't there any concern for theft? LOL! I WANT ONE OF THOSE THINGS!