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Reviews for "Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 1"

This rocks!

I have viewed this a long time ago but It never gets tiring! Author Space rocks! Same goes with the "The Rouge gallery" and "All Plots Aside".

RH really wants to say something

Note from Raccoon with A Hammer:

OH YEAH!! W00000000000000000T!! KICK ASS! GOTCH YA, MUTHA FUKKA!! YEAAAAAH!! THAT'S RIGHT!! KICK THEIR ASS!! Cream is kicking ass and taking names! After all of the torture these two bastards brought you, you finally get their just desserts. KEEP KICKING ASS!!

Author Space is awesome

i hate to sound like another one of those over-adoring fans, but... Author space is one of my favorite comics. keep up the good work, OMA! This movie was extremely well animated, and the voices were excellent as well. 10/10. same goes for part 2.


Your work fails to disapoint me and thats why your are my favorite author


two words (so cooooollll)