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Reviews for "Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 1"

not bad...

Not bad ay all....I could see that you put effort into this it was funny in some parts and not bad graphics either...Kep it up!


this was great... it had a nice intro. the graphics throughout the whole movie were GREAT!Also, audio quality was sweet. it had really good sound effects aswell! Overall, the movie was very funny, and had a good plot. lol... i would also be pissed off if someone took all MY DP!! lol, great work man, hope to see the next episode soon!


I like it. A lot. I've never read your comic, but I'm familiar with a few of your compatriots. Sound was a bit low in parts, but it was some of the slickest, smoothese sprite animation I've ever seen. And the sprites themselves were flawless. Not too slow, not too fast, perfectly paced, this movie is one of the few masterpieces of a sprite flash animation.

Holy Christwagons!

Couldn't really think of a "good" one line summary, so there it is. Anyway, this movie is one of the best I've seen on Newgrounds. I've just voted a 0 or 1 on 5 movies before this, they were all crap. This movie will NOT be blammed, in fact, it'll probably be one of the top of Newgrounds.


Great comics deserve great flashes, and this is just the kind it is! Nice job, really good mix of sprites and drawings.