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Reviews for "Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 1"


Yeah, Author Space ownz and Cream's finally getting revenge. There was just one problem with the sound. The characters don't shout, so it kinda reminded me of a 4kids dub, because they never have characters shouting even when their supposed to. Otherwise, you are a genius.


Oh My God. This is the best god damned Audio / Video comic...EVAR! I don't know where to begin, I mean, Jen's Obession over the Dr. Pepper is the most funniest for some reason, and OMA's Rope is just as great. Overal, I'd give it an A+ - Keep up the work. (Oh, and if it's ok with you, I'd like to make a flash sometime with Mr. OMA and Saphire, if you wouldn't mind me using your characters)


That were Fuckin' sweet. Why the DP??? Why???

O.M.A. you are a god to me

you have some kick ass comics and awsome flashes you rock.


But did you HAVE to kill Lan? Cuz, now you can't get Megaman EXE, who has about 100000000 things that can kill him, lol, you idioit.