Reviews for "The (new) Cat Came Back"

Nostalgia Fix

Man, I can't stop watching this.. I remember watching this, and I loved it back when It was on Nick... thanks so much for this.


funny movie i like cats

Its nice

This flash playa movie reminded me of an old tell my grandma would tell me. when i was 5!!!! God cant you make something kool or funny. 4 crying out loud.


Cool, The animation was smooth and the music fits with the theme. My friends and I once made a animation called the cat smoked crack..i'd like to see someone make that.

cheshirepus responds:

Thank you for the compliment. Your idea sounds funny, but I'm trying to keep my material in the G/PG rated stuff. Good idea, though.

damn cat!

cute, brilliant,clever and funny

the graphics are beautiful, and the music fits perfectly with the animation

one of the best works ive seen