Reviews for "The (new) Cat Came Back"

This is a really funny song. I just like the idea of this cat being like Droopy. He will always be there no matter what. I admit that the animation could have been a bit better. It was still great to hear this song again. You definitely have something going with it.

I like the cat sounds. I'm not sure if that was you who put them in. It was just fun to see this cat survive everything. I would never want a cat to be hurt. People, on the other hand, are obviously scum.

your work is awesome)from drama to comedy

Hehe... great!!!

Tell yer what, I quite enjoyed this flash... well animated, catchy tune, and the cat was great... keep up the good work, and heres a tip: make another!

A little too different from the original...

The animation and the drawings were good, but the animation wasn't fast-paced enough. The Cat Came Back, from what I remember, was fast-paced, with funny animations and quick music. This animation had a few funny animations (although not too many) and the music didn't seem fast enough.

Also, the farmer had no reason to get rid of the cat. Wasn't the cat in the original demolishing his house? (:p)

Besides that, it was pretty good. Maybe, if you do another one of these, you should try to find the original music and use that instead. Good job.

Cool. I just watched the first one.

Great job! I like this version of the song (it's not the same, is it? I can't remember the lyrics of the old "Cat Came Back" song but the lyrics sound different.) a lot because it's smoother and easier to listen to, IMHO.

The graphics are okay too but my favorite part is the song. Keep up the good work.