Reviews for "The (new) Cat Came Back"

Funky tune, but dragged a bit...

The tune was funky and sounds like something I wouldn't mind on while I was doing something else.

But to devote all my attention to the tune and an animation derived from it?

It just seems a bit too repetitious for that...

I still enjoyed it for the most part though.

And your art was truly excellent - specially the opening shot.


i thorouly injoyed that... it was really cool.
well done

not bad in fact i like it

well im a scout troop 82 and when we go on trip some times well sing that song its pretty kool

*Starts remembering childhood*

Wow..... that took me back a while. I was a huge fan of the cartoon when it originally came out, but I just about forgot all about it until I saw this animation. Great job with it!

Personally, I prefer the lyrics to the old one then the new song. Maybe you should make an animation with the old lyrics as well? *hint hint*

Not bad at all

It's frustrating to have a cat like that, but that's life. Well done on the movie!