Reviews for "The (new) Cat Came Back"

((( SMOOTH ART )))

I love the smooth tone of art, also this flowed well with the soft music that matched the smooth artwork, it was like a music video but i was most impressed with the great art and so much detail so nice work with that, keep up the great work...


cheshirepus responds:

Thank you very much! I remember working a lot on this zoomed in at 500%... I'm glad you like how it looks. Again, thanks.

An old classic that came back

It just wouldn't stay away. ^_^

heheh, that cat was cute! who'd wanna kill it?

but how did he......oh yeah that 9 lives thing! that means he's got...1...2...........3 lives left! this was a superb animation, but i'm still wondering why i'm just reviewing really old movies....that doesn't matter, anyway, it was wonderfully made(that a real word?) and top notch quality. here's a five from me (with the power of four votes).


i like kitties!


Why didn't he just shoot the cat to begin with?

cheshirepus responds:

You weren't really paying attention to the part where he did try to do that, were you?
Looking at your profile though, I can in fact understand why you would wonder about that...