Reviews for "(NUB)TheseMistakesAreForever"

Oh.... My god..... T u T

I'm crying with joy... This song is so awesome I seriously wish I could listen to it forever. I love it man, although this is the first song of yours I have heard, listening to this one is making me want to listen to all your other entries!!! My god this is so touching and happy. I seriously wish I could give you a reward or somthing!!! everytime I listen to this song I am going to give it a 5/5 becuase it is so awesome! My god you are amazing. Bravo good man, bravo.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you so much! Feel free to check out some others. The words of encouragement are wonderful as well :D Thank you for this review!


Damn yo, I was like that shits for real then my ho came in she was like yeah. I got up and banged that ho like it was crunk, then I was like damn good banging music, brother.

nubbinownz responds:



Nice ambient piano piece with D'n'B... It's something you'd think wouldn't go well together but you've managed to pull it off :)


nubbinownz responds:

Thanks a bunch, something I strive for :D

One of your Best

An inspirational song that just makes me think about things that happened through my life. This song is less dramatic than its last version due to the change of voice when the beat kicks in.
"Well I guess this is goodbye" 10/10 , 5/5

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you for this. Yeah, it wasn't supposed to be as depressing as the other ones


This is absolutely beautiful, as are the other songs in this series. Invigorating, but still sad.