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Reviews for "(NUB)TheseMistakesAreForever"


I agree with the NX177. Your drum beats are off the hook. xD and while they rock it out, the piano just peacefully plays on. Awesomeness put into notes.

nubbinownz responds:

The piano is like that little kid that continues playing with his toys while his parents are going crazy in the next room.

....and breathe out...

and ... oh wait... TEN!!!

You know what the best thing about this series is? It's the fact that everyone carries with it a story, i commented on both the other's how the message came across... how the first was the most emotive piece of music i had listened to for years... and this is no different...

I read in your reply to Kinonitsu "The emotion behind these mistakes isn't in the same place anymore" and you can hear it... The slight tweaks to the main melody, the harmonies that play against it and the atmospherics push this into a more Euphoric frame - especially around 2:20 where we get one of the most perfectly orchestrated break-downs that i have again heard in a LONG time...

even in the standard stakes: I..e production is awesome, that bass sample is making my eyeballs flutter on my headphones.. etc etc... this is definately worth our and, by the sounds of it, your praise...

I'm sad as everyone else to see this as the last, however what a fu-hu-king way to go out :D ...

now what do we have to do to get you some new emotions to play with ;) or is this helping already hehe...

Class act matey... can't wait for what's next...

nubbinownz responds:

These are absolutely helping. Though I don't know I might have an idea for a pretty intense song coming pretty soon. My car just got smashed last night by some drunk hippie in a schoolbus with the words " FUCK YEAH" Written on the back lol. So I might have some new inspiration coming soon! HAHAHA.

Thank you for this amazingly wonderful review once again McD. You know I always enjoy them. :D

Thank you for this man, I love these kind of reviews because they really encourage me to keep posting these songs. :D


Woah great piece man drum and bass is maybe starting to be my favourite

nubbinownz responds:

This is technically considered IDM/ Breaks.

Thank you!

Wow man Thats Hot shit

Hey can you Give me the Piano Part of this beat so i can make a Hip hop beat to it?

nubbinownz responds:

send me your email in a PM

What a shame

Its such a shame that music Like this is never heard on the Radio. This blows all that shit in the chart out the water. The BBC Needs a new Station dedicated to Music Like this, The People Of NG, AcidPlanet etc. Not just one Farty Unsigned artists show so late at night noone hears it. Chart songs are soo repetitive and boring.

Love this song So much, i play it in my car at least 5 times every day, it just doesn't get boring.

nubbinownz responds:

thank you very much :D I don't think the general population enjoys music like this. People want something they can dance to. Unfortunately this is NOT it lol.