Reviews for "(NUB)TheseMistakesAreForever"


i love the mellow intro in this it makes me wana relax and think..=) props


This Is Great I Love it Man 10/10 5/5 =D

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you so much !


...Aphex Twin-ish -- both with the spastic drum beat and slow, touching piano. Reminds me of Girl Boy Song, also by Good Ol' Richard James.

Very beautiful song. Keep pumping 'em out, please. ^,^

nubbinownz responds:

Aphex is one of my bigger influences :D thank you very much :D


Ambient dnb/breaks tracks are hard to come by, and even harder to make. A thousand kudos for this brilliantly executed track. You overcame some serious obstacles to make this work, and I can openly respect that. The single most attractive thing about this track is the journey it takes you on, though that's an attribute inherent in all of the "These Mistakes" series. Though the drums seem to overpower the ambiance on more than one occasion, I'm going to assume it was intended that way. (I think it plays into the "story" myself... But only producer can say for sure.) All in all... A great journey from beginning to end. (Samesaid for the series itself.) Keep it up mate. You're a brilliant producer.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you, this is quite a wonderful review. This is marvelous.

as far as the drums overpowering ambience. Most absolutely! Because it was supposed to be the final mistakes it was supposed to have that, almost .. intense sound to it.

thank you again man.


this song makes you think hard. when I was listening to it, I just started thinking and couldn't stop until the end, amazing!!

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you. It means alot when my songs can invoke thoughts :D