Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

classy my nigga!

That was amazing...truly a good peice of work....hopefully your drawings will get better becuase this had such great animating that the lack of detail of the characters didn't matter....but maybe that's just your style...either way I voted 5...keep up the good work!

Yeah it was twisted

but in a good way though... At first I got annoyed at the long loading I did´nt think that the movie would be so long as it was, yeah anyways when I started watching the movie I thought it was a little wierd and that it would have a (not a pointless) but a wierd moral in it. I watched it and thought that you made the movie for small children on the morning like a tvprogram, offcourse the graphics and the music and the sounds were all great mixed, and the story took shape and got better and better.
Anyways I think you did a great work! That´s all I can say right now.
I hope that part 2 comes out even better


bum..You have to teach me how to do flashes:P i loved how u clashed all kinda of things together. Im not sure if u intended it tho.

I....see... where this.. is going to...

This will be a serious one. One that may have something to do with weird tales of life and death like in Legend of Mana and a few FF games.

Amazingly done great art work

Very good i like it the Animation was great and so was everything else excellent excellent