Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


i love your animations and the music...
its like an ideal life in which you would want to live in, yet you know its not possible anymore, becuase of all the instrialization and the ghettos and gangsters, and everything else standing in the way of this kind of happy, peaceful and wondrous life.. :\


That was a beautiful piece of work. Absolutely beautiful. I do sincerely hope that you continue working on such things to further your abilities and do what you want to do. You've got tons of talent.

I hope you complete this work, I'm positive the next one will be just as amazing.

well my friend

i like your dream for life and hope you acomplish it, & do please finish this.. by the way it seems to me that you once playeda hand of d&d, yes?

In places...

...it IS a little sloppy, in the drawings. Of course, there were some amazing parts, but there were other parts where it looked like you were drawing with a tool that was too big for the details that you wanted to put in there. Just as one example, the upper window of the house looks like it was drawn very quickly... the lines are all wiggly, the frame is different widths...

the music was great, though.

P.S. Why is it that in most asian-style anime cartoons little girls always have some sorts of super-powers (like being able to swing up trees and over rivers)?


This is easily one of the best flashes I have seen. The sense of terror that was felt by the mob when they entered the creepy house was almost palpable. I'm sure the kid who saw the guy get dragged into the house will have psychological problems.

Gave it a five, keep up the good work. Take your time on part 2, make it right.