Reviews for "Gweedo vs Power Puff Girl"


Finally a movie that shows the damn powerpuff girls die GOOD JOB!!!! im so fucking sick of those goddam bastard girls....


I was good and all but one question whatwas the thing that was buttercup?Please tell me

what happen to buttercup

gweedo kill buttercup fist then the villains then blossom and bubbles

funny & twisted

that was cool. i especially liked buttercup and her murderous rampage. you can never go wrong with decapitation.


I'm with death angle 99, WTF was this! 2 questions: 1) Who is gweedo? Oh wait don't answer that becuse your alias name is Daddy_Gweedo! Why would you put yourself in a flash movie that sucks?!?!?! 2) Why dose gweedo have no face? Is he invisable or somthing? And why dose he have a 99 cent lable sticking out of his hair or is it a wig? And why dose his fist transform into a boxing glove and then he turnes into a chainsaw!?!?! THATS JUST WACK!What did he do with the profesor and butercup? PLEASE ANSWER!