Reviews for "Gweedo vs Power Puff Girl"


I have no idea what you were trying to accomplish with this.
Random acts of violence? You just needed a theme?
Well, nice try anyway.

Uh.....wierd..... and........ freaky.......

I am a fan of PPG and I understand most thing but that just did'nt make any since. Buttercup was a jiant, I did'nt see a Gweedo(Unless Buttercup was), and Buttercup had a 99 cent tag on her head.


that scared me were is gweedo wtf was thing and why did i wacth that buttercup thing was freaky make it stop make it stop (.)_(.)

This was Stupid... Honestly.

This was pathetic, I give it a 0/10, simply because.. It has absoloutely no purpose existing whatsoever... You fail.

wat the heck

abusive and stupid.why ???wat is the point of making this?also,craig mc craken makes powerpuff girls