Reviews for "Gweedo vs Power Puff Girl"

funny & twisted

that was cool. i especially liked buttercup and her murderous rampage. you can never go wrong with decapitation.

Cron Cats an idiot

Crono Cat,
A: its ButterCUP
B:thats the joke its gweedo in the shirt


Since you told the truth everything was great but im really sorry about the overall since some graphics weren't yours but I would have rated it a 10 if you haven't told the truth im really sorry


Erhm, watz that?


I'm with death angle 99, WTF was this! 2 questions: 1) Who is gweedo? Oh wait don't answer that becuse your alias name is Daddy_Gweedo! Why would you put yourself in a flash movie that sucks?!?!?! 2) Why dose gweedo have no face? Is he invisable or somthing? And why dose he have a 99 cent lable sticking out of his hair or is it a wig? And why dose his fist transform into a boxing glove and then he turnes into a chainsaw!?!?! THATS JUST WACK!What did he do with the profesor and butercup? PLEASE ANSWER!