Reviews for "S.A.M.V. p3: - Mr. 68%"


(to the guy that reviewed this last, NIN stands for nine inch nails, run a google search on them or something, they are kickass)

and a review to you! you have to tell me how you animate like that! I mean how the heads move when they talk and stuff! I could really use some pointers on how your style of animation works, thanks! please reply to this or email me or something because it would really help me out.


i really loved this submission it made me laugh, but anyways...can some1 tell me wth NIN is? w/e. good flash. 5 to you and it goes to my fav's.

yet again, and again.

It just keeps on going, im running out of compliments to say, i just decided to review all your movies. Well love this one, relates so well to the real world, your animation is getting really well now.

Nice "Loading"s too...

Man this is GOOD!
Almost as good as the next one c:

If your art develops at THIS rate, I think you should go & make an S.A.M.V. p5 right now man!

I can't wait to see it! :D

Nice "Loading"s too...


i have to go apologize to my friends now sniff...