Reviews for "S.A.M.V. p3: - Mr. 68%"

Cant Wait For The Next One!

I saw the second one a while back, but didnt know there was any more, ive just watched them all again now and wow, i forgot how good they are! looking foreward to the next one!

BaconMask responds:

Cool beans... Im glad that you're diggin' the series thus far! It only gets better from here! Thanks for the review!

wtf was that!?

it couldn't fucken load on my computer and i got my computer for christmas, i even restarted my computer just to see that animation and still, i wait 10 minutes and it still won't load so i'm given u a 0 cause of my fucken messed up computer

BaconMask responds:

Call me crazy, but maybe you should have reviewed it AFTER you watched it. I guess you were being proactive and were thinking outside the box. Or something.


I liked it, the characters were very distinct and different in their own way. Kept my attention the whole time, and i enjoyed it. Nice job

BaconMask responds:

Im glad that you liked it! Thank you for the review!

omfg dude that was awesome

that was awesome but it wouldve been pretty cool if they actually got the spring break cabin

my fav. part was the golem. Myyy Preciousss

BaconMask responds:

Yeah... if they would have gotten laid, I couldn't have kept the name of the series! Poor guys...WE MUSSST HAVE IT...

Thanks for the review man!


great story line. i loved the moral of the story. nice, smooth graphics. i liked the legth off it. my speakers aren't working so i can't jugde your audio, but im sure glad you had caption on the bottom. :).

BaconMask responds:

The sound ROCKED!!! Well... keep watching, and thanks for the review! =D