Reviews for "S.A.M.V. p3: - Mr. 68%"

Holy shit you kick ass

That was cool I wish that i could make flash movie but i am poor and can't aford the program but as for you keep up the good work..... I look forward to seeing your nest piece.

BaconMask responds:

Thank ya! Rest assured, more are on the way!

Good show.

Ha, Punch out rocks. Thus having it in your movie made your movie also do as well. I liked the humor and it had good animation to boot. Very very cool good job.

BaconMask responds:

Thanks a lot!

Percy must REALLY suck at punchout to have to concentrate that hard. My pubes could beat Glass Joe.

great flash!

should have been 1st place, not that overrated yearbook shit!

BaconMask responds:

Whoa, thanks!!! It's awesome you think that. Yearbook was cool...


Sparkle Sparkle

What a wonderful flash animation. I could relate to this whole driving issue with some of my friends. Please continue to make more flash animations, you are one of my favorite authors now ^.^

Good story! It actually resembled some parts of my teenage life. Good music. Especially The Doors.

BaconMask responds:

Im glad ya liked it! Many, MANY more on the way! *FUN FACT*- I actually did pass my driving test with a 68%...

nifty nifty

despite a pretty good, but not great rating on each aspect of the movie individually, it all worked together quite well. the best part was the plot, the originality, which unfortunately doesn't have a specific area in the score section.

i couldn't tell you much to improve on the movie, except perhaps work on your graphics a bit. however, the soundtrack for the movie was great. when the first track in the movie ended, i was rather disappointed, cause the next song was gonna be worse. however, they were all great, and i especially appreciated use of the doors. they rock.

anyhow, good job, you got my 5.

BaconMask responds:

The doors are one of my favorite bands eva... I appreciate the review and the 5! Thanks a lot bud!