Reviews for "S.A.M.V. p3: - Mr. 68%"

So nostalgic...

Graphics and animation are awesome, despite what some of these clownshoes are saying. Great choices for soundtrack and the voiceovers are pretty good, overall. Plus it gets extra points for reminding me of my buddies and I back when we were in high school. Keep up the good work!

BaconMask responds:

Awesome... Im glad that you could relate! This series is more true to life than a lot of people probably realize! Thanks, and keep watchin!

it has a moral

dude i love your choice of music. but it has a moral and i hate stroies with morals. dude keep this up and stop smokin' the morals.

BaconMask responds:

Didn't ya feel like ya learned a warm, fuzzy lesson tho? Thanks for the review!!

very good.

Man, this was a very nicely done movie. I can't say more, I really enjoyed it. and its a good story. Very nice.
Keep up the good work !

BaconMask responds:

I am glad that you liked it! More are in the proverbial oven as I type this!

ho, ho sweet.

This was just so well done, it should have placed higher than 4th. It was a nice complete story, and well animated and voiced with some good humor along the way. Good use of "mother fucker". So many people don't know when to place in a really effective curse.

BaconMask responds:

Thanks for the review bro! I was rather proud of this 'toon... Seeing as how my 'toons are still pretty much "brand X" And all of the stuff that came out the day this was released scored well above a 4.00, I was just glad it even showed up in the top 5! But in the end, the only numbers that really matter to me are the number of views... Thanks again!!!

w00t theese get better every episode

most of theese i can relate to but not this one i kicked my driveing tests ass the best part is when percy get craped on by the second pigeon keep up the ass kicking work!

BaconMask responds:

Thanks for the review man! More are commin'!

Btw... All of the pigeons were played by crows! =D